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Bernadus Baldus
1971, Zeist, The Netherlands


In his installations, Bernardus Baldus appeals to the cold and often impersonal aesthetic of the post-industrial era that is characteristic of the corporate culture that has been developed since its emergence in the 1980s. Since then, the corporate culture - and by extension almost every expression of culture - has evolved at breakneck speed towards ‘brand'; a mere image or brand that only seems to be used to radiate a certain substantively 'correct' or sincere identity, but is just diametrically removed from it by its far-reaching standardization. The corporate culture and the standardization that follows from it leads to an absence of identity and authenticity. In addition, this standardization leads to discipline of the masses. After all, the corporate culture is aimed at an efficient and efficient organization of society.


Bernardus Baldus therefore constructs his installations in a tight, cool and distant way to emphasize their false and impersonal character. He uses everyday, industrialized materials and objects that clearly refer to the cliché images associated with corporate culture, consumerism, lifestyle, 'loft living', health culture, motivational speech and gentrification.

His works are, as it were, pure and conceptualized sets of contemporary, theatrical and hysterically runaway attempts at cultural identity formation by the business community.

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