Jean-Philippe Paumier
1980, Tours, France


Paumier’s work develops an object-based consideration on the singularity of consumer products into the field of contemporary art. His body of work mainly consists in sculptures and installations. His work refers to Marcel Duchamp’s concept of « ready-made », but diverges from it at the same time, by his means of expression and the way he combines elements. Paumier uses common objects chosen for their fundamental inherent qualities. They are all direct products from our consumer society and are therefore selected to emphasize, as a counterweight, their hidden aesthetic and conceptual potential.


The negation of the use-value should allow one to consider the primary qualities of one given object: form, colour, texture… By distancing oneself from its practical aspect, one could possibly be more receptive to its poetical charge and subtle eloquence. Contemporary art often questions mass production and consumerism in terms of radical sociological criticism. Paumier’s work proposes to examine the object at another level, and establish a more intuitive contact with it. His approach is marked by a certain form of lightness. Breaking the object’s obviousness should allow the viewer to refresh his/her look on it, feel its ambiguity and give rise to new mental associations.