Simpson Tse
1984, Melbourne


Simpson Tse is a graphic designer whose research and practice focus upon the notions of care and exploring scenarios of affective work. He aims to utilise graphic design as an activation point into socially relevant domains. His work varies from visual identity, publication, exhibition design to organising events. Since 2014, he has been part of thonik, an Amsterdam based design studio. 


During this period of soft quarantine, my room is a workplace, a gym, a library, and also a cinema and its foyer, now occupied not by a crowd but by audio visual transmissions from other rooms in the city and further afield. The divisions between work, entertainment, leisure, and relationships bleed into one another. Originated from a fascination of the background blur options in video conferencing applications, Living in a Blur is a research project looking into these contemporary notions of blurriness, and how blurriness could be seen as the aesthetics of both our social facade and emotional interiors.