Eva Bartels
1986, Haarlem



Eva Bartels is an Amsterdam based multidisciplinair artist fascinated by identity. She researches the arch types within her own being by using several artistic disciplines, such as VR, film, painting, writing and performance. As an artist she often uses her own body as a tool by acting, modeling and performing in her own work.

Eva discovers the opposites within herself and makes them communicate with each other in order to create a symbiotic symphony.
By experimenting in daily life, Eva got to practice her different skills and fascinations. By saying 'Yes' to a lot of challenges and diving into many philosophical and psychological essays she found herself deeply interested in identity and the shaping of it.
Eva promotes inclusivity within identity and researches the possibility of a divers and ambiguous set of persona’s functioning as one curious multi dimensional human being fully grown to it's potential.

Within her work Eva activates the viewer to grab life fully and to discover their own identity through the experience of her performance.



Eva paints a world in which characters contemplate, lay down lurking sometimes even mixed with animalistic body parts. Like modern occult goddesses.

Radiating a dance between nature and female sensuality, colourful depictions of ancient seeming rituals or creatures bound together in natural forms. Bringing together her love for travel and her fascination for strong female, sensual characters, exploring the boundaries of the abstract and the figuartive.