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26 October - 23 November

Daniela Jordanova, Stefan Yordanov, Paul Tegenbosch, Bonnita Postma, Jim Mooiekind, Leendert Mulder

We proudly present our new group exhibition ‘In Between’, opening 26 October at Josilda da Conceição Gallery. With a mural by Jim Mooiekind in the main space, an installation by Daniela Jordanova and Stefan Yordanov in the next space and work by Paul Tegenbosch, Bonnita Postma and Leendert Mulder in the gallery’s project space. The exhibition will be on view until 23 November.

Jim Mooiekind
Jim Mooijekind works from themes he find hard to grasp. Abstract concepts like his emotions, psychology, art as whole and his position within the arts. He symbolises these abstract observations in a figurative cartoonesk manner. In this realm of symbolism there is a place being created where The Epic and mundane can co-exist. In the ‘Stroboscope Paintings’, Mooijekind portrays the constant shifting between juxtapositions. Yin and Yang, black and white, light and darkness and boredom and fear. The fast phase wherein these profiles change, result in a hypnotic rhythm. A rhythm we all dance to.

Daniela Jordanova & Stefan Yordanov
Life Factory is a researchproject. The entering of the digital age has changed the nature of our human behaviour and our relationships to living things and our environment. Our drawings and sculptures aim to study the changing relationship between humans, flora environment and animals. We are at a major anthropological moment in our development, as individuals and as a society. It is no longer possible thinking about our relationship to nature as a business sector but as a human being. A new reconnection with nature is an existential necessity.

Paul Tegenbosch
Paul Tegenbosch’s work is particular in its powerful expression of presence. They are works of art with strong apparent contradictions. Tender objects made out of sturdy materials and rough images with sensitive means. The skilled devotion for the physical stems from a form of purity. Purity in form and purity in intention. The elegant images show a transformation of emotion according to the principle ‘form follows function’.

Bonnita Postma
In her work, Bonnita Postma plays a subtle game with intimacy. The interpersonal connection with her subjects offer her the opportunity to an allegory of vulnerability. She is sensitive to detail and with a refined insight in graphic design she knows how to approach the fringes of human existence and offers them a worthy place. Her images are a lasting expression of that fleeting moment that looking often is. The series presented here is called ‘Reminiscence’, based on her father’s slides found in her childhood home.

Leendert Mulder
The artist produced these abstract images in a wet medium (in vitro), where everything is constantly in motion and every addition or intervention only lasts a couple of seconds. When satisfied with what occurs, the camera is used to make the final decision.

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