Inge Schoutsen
1974, Amsterdam, NL

In every portrait Inge Schoutsen tries to embody an atmosphere of tender tranquillity. Every photo should be an ode to the casual and the transient of human gestures, behavior and expressions. These human characteristics that we are all familiar with, no matter how subtle or brief, and that we would only associate with people. For Schoutsen, portrait photography is about encoding the tiniest of gestures or poses. Those little moments of expression that you can freeze in a photo. By putting emphasis on subtle detail, the portraits acquire universal meaning.

A photo is suggestion, so Schoutsen aims to let that work in her photography. The suggestion of every behavior can be provoked by form, by making a loose and ordinary photo. To give the photo this particular quality the holding capacity needs to be as specific as it can be. A photo suggest reality but it is reality through a certain framework, composition, context, lightning. The moment you choose as a photographer colors reality and objectivity voids. So, as a photographer you can let the suggestion work for you. Staring becomes dreaming, the blink of an eye melancholy.