Marisca Voskamp van Noord

1970, Gorssel, NL


Marisca Voskamp van Noord has been making works and projects in a conceptual tradition for around ten years. Within this conceptual conception and attitude that emerged in the last century, the idea and its development are just as important as the production of an object. Another aspect is a high degree of self-reflection coupled with an investigative interest in society, the media, the role of the artist and the body.


The work of Marisca Voskamp van Noord is at a crossroads of different directions. In his search for cosmic union between man and nature, it evokes the work of Ana Mendieta. The work also connects in its sensory touch with Job Koelewijn, Janine Antoni and early work by Alicia Framis. And just like Alicia Framis and Jeane van Heeswijk, Voskampvan Noord makes "social sculptures" and is looking for new means to communicate with the public. For these artists, direct contact with the audience, which often plays a part in a performance and thus contributes to the completion of the art project, is essential.