Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Oostzaanstraat 10
1013 WK Amsterdam
The Netherlands

500 Terry Francois St. San Francisco, CA 94158

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Thu - Sat 14:00 - 18:00
and by appointment


Maurce Nuiten shows at DDW and had an interview with BK Magazine

Maurice Nuiten is showing work at Dutch Design Week in TAC ( Temporary Art Centre _ in the exhibition "OPEN AND UNSAFE" as part of #WATTBA


The can be seen from 19 till 27  October. 


Vonderweg 1

5611 BK 



He also had an interview with BK Magazine about his practice and vision.

Christian Thomsen is showing during Human Concrete

Kaspar Dejong at Torch Gallery

Group exhibition curated by Valentijn van der Hulst

You are invited to the opening event of the group exhibition 'Influencing the Influencer' 9Novemberat

TORCHFor this group exhibition, ten emerging artists were asked to produce artwork that perfectly fits today’s social media expectations without compromising their work method. Taking pictures is encouraged, everything is Instagrammable and there will be 'selfie-spots' on the floor to help visitors capture work from the best angle. It's a

gallery. virtual

feed in physical form.
The exhibition will have an opening event on the 26th of October. In keeping with the subject matter, the gallery will be transformed into a fully immersive space, with a live performance (Vera Goetzee) and interactive art (Erik de Bree). Visitors will be welcomed on a pink carpet, have their photo taken in front of a photo wall, and offered Oedipus beer while a DJ spins records.



As an artist you are always reflecting on the world around you. Also when a world of crumbling nature and concrete surrounds us. Making art is often a fight. Me, I approach my canvas like a boxer would an opponent. With respect, focus, some fear but always with the wil to conquer. Our constructed human civilisation seems to be on the verge of destruction. Always. Fear is our construct too. Just like art. Let's have these artists give their take on our place in the world. Their place. Yours.

Jan Steenman
Christian Thomsen
Mattia Papp


These artists will show us a piece of reflection only fit for a boxing gym.

Curated by Sam Andrea


Boogieland Boxing Club

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 38, 1021KM Amsterdam


Maurice Nuiten at Stedelijk Museum Breda

Maurice Nuiten is showing at stedelijk museum Breda.


During the exhibition "Raketstart - new visual art from Breda" 


The exhibition can been seen until 23 September.


Later this year u can see him in the gallery with new works.



Image: The Party Would Never Stop ( videostill ) - 2019

Neil Fortune is showing work in the USA 

Neil Fortune is showcasing his new works at Dedee Shattuck Westport, Massachusetts During the group exhibition "Dutch Colorist". 


The exhibition can been seen from September 4 - 29.










Images Untitled 3, (2018) , Untitled 2 (2018) ,