Peter Straatburg
1994, Melbourne Australia


Peter is from Melbourne and grew up in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. 
In Peters early teens, he started doing graffiti which still shows signs in his work today. 
At age of 18 Peter was taken under the wing of a dutchman (‘ex convict,window washer, tattoo enthusiast’) by the name of ‘Barry Kade’.
This is where he found his fascination for street photography and documented their adventures throughout Europe. After returning
home he made it his mission to get back out in the world which lead most of his early 20s being spent around the globe, From working in the Hamptons to painting in the streets of bangladesh. Peters work can be busy and well defined at other times. His subject matter involves organic elements and he uses a range of shapes, figures, patterns and even architectural elements at times abstracted or not. The work itself for the most part is a visual digestion of ideas of experiences and inspiration made physical. His work contains elements
of comic illustration, surrealism, abstraction and Simulates with artists such as Dali, Phillip Guston, Victor Moscoso, Finsta, and more.

Peter uses a range of techniques from flatline, dotted shading, and heavy use of black at times. His work can be, symmetrical and jump from abstract to themed subject matter holding the same feel and energy. He Uses a wide range of colours depending on the work, from earthy pastels to warmer palettes including reds and oranges. Peter works with a wide range of materials from pencils, fine liners, paint pens, acrylics, aerosol, airbrush and even digital at times.