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Pop-up Exhibition: Girls in Paris / The End of Highlights

Exhibition on Gallery Viewer

Artist: Sander Dekker

Artist: Geraldo Dos Santos


Sander Dekker*: Girls in Paris

The exhibition features stories and photographs of eight Girls in Paris, who are challenging the status quo and deconstructing paradigms. Dekker's journey began when he was commissioned to create a feminist calendar in France. To his surprise, he discovered that France still has a significant gap between men and women, with domestic violence against women often downplayed and not taken seriously. This realization prompted him to pack his bags and head back to Paris to meet and photograph women who are part of a new generation - a wave of strong women challenging the status quo and deconstructing paradigms.

The result of his journey is an exhibition that showcases these women's stories and their struggles for self-expression, equality, and sexuality. The photographs are accompanied by excerpts from the conversations, printed on transparent canvases that shield the works, requiring visitors to read them first before viewing the photos. This presentation is a snapshot of what drives them, the conservative thinking they face, and the controversies that arise from it. Through their beautiful struggle, they are instigating their own kind of French Revolution.

* Courtesy of Torch Gallery Amsterdam

Geraldo Dos Santos: The end of highlights

Geraldo Dos Santos' artwork focuses on the use of candles in different cultural practices and their symbolic significance in contemporary society. He explores how the lighting of candles evokes human emotions and how these emotions regulate cultural systems in social life. Through his art, he emphasizes the importance of memory-heritage, connection, extension, confrontation, desire, and semiosis in shaping our understanding and interactions with the world around us.

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