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Sophie Stiller

1992, Germany


In Sophie Stiller's work, she researches fragility versus stability. We live in a society that often expects us to be successful, efficient and strong. She likes to ask what success means in the everyday with all its catastrophies, repetition, joy or boredom. She tries to embrace failure, but she is not sure what it means. To her, it is powerful how realities are being constructed around wishes, grief, hope and fear.

In her surrounding, she can observe a human need for connection but also division which she examines by doing recurring gestures like cutting or attaching. Lately, she used shoes and by cutting them stole their protective function, like sawing off the "achilles heel“ of a pair of boots. When removing the most "vulnerable“ spot, she simultaneously destroyed them. Her work connects everyday objects with different materials and poetry. By using recognizable objects and words she hopes to enable the viewer to connect with what they see and create their own associations and stories. She often come back to traditional crafts like ceramics, welding or embroidering. When it comes to materials she combines contradicting qualities like stable-fragile, hard-soft, rough-smooth, heavy-light. Her work is enhanced by the use of poetry. She is  curious to observe how the two worlds of materiality and language can come together.

I’m your page.

I’m your pen.

I’m your thoughts.

I’m your feelings.

I’m your words.

I’m your signature.

You write yourself down on me.

You write me down on you.

You write me down on me.

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