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3 December - 7 January 2023


Emma van Noort, Sander Coers, Yiyi Chen,

Josilda da Conceição is pleased to present UNTITLED 2, an exhibition by Emma van Noort, Sander Coers, Yiyi Chen

Through her painting, practice Yiyi Chen asks the question 'what is it for us to be?'. Due to her inborn nature, she feels deeply connected to the spontaneous and insignificant moments in life. For her, in those moments, the sense of being is rooted. The world is revealed as how it is in her distant view, unembellished and un-staged.


The process of Emma van Noort alternates between a systematic and a more intuitive way of working. Although the initial exploratory phase of the work is very intuitive, the part where she builds an installation is systematic and well thought-out. It fascinates her how arranging objects gives us a feeling of order and at the same time creates a new context between the different objects. She is drawn to the collision or fusion of different objects, shapes and materials. This systematic way of working is also important to achieve a serene and modest appearance of the work by order and repetition.


Sander Coers is a Rotterdam-based artist working with photography. Recreating and rearranging memories, he reflects on his own stories as well as those of his friends and peers, often other young men. Through a tender gaze, he seeks to visualise and establish new perceptions of masculinity within melancholic, romantic and dreamlike worlds, comprising elements from nostalgic echoes of his youth.

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