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Josilda da Conceição based in Amsterdam, shows a hybrid program of contemporary art from painting till installation.
Since its founding in 2017, the gallery seeks to bring together international artistic practices and stimulating discourse across diverse cultural perspectives. In conjunction with fostering emerging talent, Josilda da Conceição shows established artists alongside these new voices, and in doing so cultivates new areas for aesthetic and conceptual contemplation.
Moving away from a conventional competition-minded gallery model, Da Conceição philosophy is one of collaboration and shared opportunities bringing art to the next level together with the artists.

Josilda da Conceição is part of the Kunstkoopregeling, which offers individuals living in the Netherlands the possibility to purchase an artwork in monthly installments, without any interest. The aims of this service is to encourage private individuals to buy art and is set-up by the Mondriaan Fund. 

Josilda da Conceição complies with

the Gallery Fair Practice Code

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