Josilda da Conceição is from Recife in Brazil. Through moving to the Netherlands and studying Photography she was introduced to the art world. Becoming so inspired by her peers, she formed her eponymously named gallery in 2014.  


Josilda da Conceição Gallery is a Contemporary Art Gallery that focuses on young and emerging artists, providing a platform to showcase their work. The gallery works primarily with recently graduated artists, purposely curating them alongside artists that have been in the field for a few years longer.


This way the gallery seeks to bring together international artistic practices and stimulating discourse across diverse cultural perspectives. In conjunction with fostering emerging talent, Josilda da Conceição Gallery shows established artists alongside these new voices, and in doing so cultivates new areas for aesthetic and conceptual contemplation.

Josilda da Conceição Gallery
Oostzaanstraat 10
1013 WK Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Thu - Sat 14:00 - 18:00
and by appointment