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Sneak preview Highlight Delft 2024: Philipp Groubnov

Friday, 26 January, 15.45-18.00 


Westlandseweg 40, Delft

Filipp Groubnov will give an artist talk about his new work Scorched Earth. With this work he uses digital techniques to recreate places that have become inaccessible in the physical world due to conflicts or serious pollution. For Scorched Earth, Zone Rouge in France is his starting point.

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Art Route 8th edition: To Be Antwerp

Featuring Geraldo Dos Santos

November 24 - 26, 2023

Theaterbuurt, Antwerp



Global Design Graduate Show in collaboration with GUCCI


Philipp Groubnov

-1 at Nieuwe Instituut


Multimedia installation, Philipp Groubnov, 2023

Photo: Ira Grünberger


POCHVA is alive! The multimedia installation, by -1 artist-in-residence Philipp Groubnov, reconstructs the Belarussian village Zhirovichi, considered by many a sacred site. POCHVA is host to billions of living organisms collected from “holy” spring water near the village. Believers share in spiritual myth and memory, or “executable rituals” that form a “collective hallucination of a promised land… somewhere in between imagination and reality.”

pers foto.jpg

Emma Van Noort

At ​Museum de Lakenhal

Emma Van Noort's "Christine's Choreography' can be seen until January. Information can be found on the website


Patricia Ribas Refresh

At ​Bijlmerbios Film(t)huis

Screening: October 11


Brazilian-born artist Patricia Werneck Ribas makes impressive short art films. In them, she explores notions of identity related to gender, race, nationality and other factors that define us.In collaboration with CBK Zuidoost, Bijlmerbios presents an evening focusing on Ribas' work. On view are her short films Tribal Affairs (2020) about Germans' strange obsession with native americans and The Possessed (2022) in which Ribas explores Afro-Brazilian religions. The evening closes with the premiere of her latest film Para M., for which she traveled to Brazil and researched the knock-on effects of Dutch colonial history. What does today's generation think about sixteenth-century governor Johan Maurits van Naussau-Siegen?


Bijlmerplein 888


Childhood, love and money: Vincent Verhoef, Ulises Carrión, Christina Li, Martin La Roche  
At P/////AKT in Amsterdam

Opening: October 1, 16 – 20 hrs
October 5 – O
ctober 29, 2023

Groenhoedenveem 2


Group Exhibition: Turbulentie
At Studio Omstand in Arnhem

Opening: September 30, 16:00
September 30 - November 12, 2023

Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 92 A


Graduation of Geraldo Dos Santos
At st-Lucas kunstsecundair Antwerpen 

soft maps 2023.JPG

Soft Maps: Sanne van Balen De Bouwput Amsterdam
Opening 8 June 2023 4pm-9pm

Screenshot 2023-05-25 at 20.09.20.png

Rob Bouwman, Gijs Van Lith, Inge Schoutsen
25. maj — 24. jun 2023
Beograd Stari grad, Serbia


Célio Braga ‘Skin . Wound . Queer’
KunstMuseum Den Haag
June 10 - September 10, 2023
KunstMuseum Den Haag

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-05-09 om 13.18.57.jpg

Ruben Raven & Kaspar Dejong: Places Without Faces 11.05-16.06.2023

Opening 11.05 18-22h

DMW Gallery 

In Places Without Faces, Dejong and Raven focus on the forgotten beauty of the everyday, especially its marginalised aspects. Both artists share a similar background in developing ideas and finding inspiration. They work with multidisciplinary materials such as ceramics, glass, painting, video and readymades. Their joint scenography is reminiscent of everyday urban life, but differs in detailed ways. 

A new show regarding the work of Quintus Glerum 

The name of the exhibition is Through Bone And Marrow

Nearly 20 internationally renowned artists present new, alternative connections between mankind, nature and technology. They go beyond existing contradictions between organic and inorganic, plant and animal, living and dead. This is led by a new aesthetic that offers space for discomfort, imperfection and the beauty of decay. ‘Through Bone and Marrow’ is a subtle wake-up call. 

We live in the Anthropocene, the age of man. Never before has a single species had such a powerful impact on the environment. Meanwhile, we have become entangled in our own waste and enslaved by our own equipment, and, as a result, our senses have been dulled. We threaten to destroy the planet, but may lose ourselves, our humanity, well before then. Maarten Spruyt: "Art can put the finger on the sore spot, and give an insight." 



My Site is proud to showcase the works of these up-and-coming creatives from Serbia and The Netherlands. Their work is sure to spark conversations about the boundless possibilities of art and inspire viewers to explore their own creative passions. We invite you to explore CONNECTING THE FUTURE and celebrate the power of art to bridge gaps and bring people together. 2023


OA_exhibition_poster_web (1).jpg

Open Archive 3.0

Together with Sound & Vision and the International Institute of Social History, Het Nieuwe Instituut is organising the third edition of Open Archive, in which four makers search open digital heritage collections for new stories, with new media works as the end result. From 28 October, Daria Kiseleva, Alice Wong & Simo Tse and Remco Torenbosch will present their works in Het Nieuwe Instituut’s Gallery 0.

More Info

Het Nieuwe Instituut.. Museumpark 25. 3015CB Rotterdam

We gladly invite you for our 4th group show 

We went trough some tough times you and I. Socially isolated from each other in our glass containers, experiencing the dark side of the world in our own way. Let me remind you that I love you so much. Why I love you so much you might ask. Because I do. We might have forgotten what a beautiful place this world is. But I, Breedlijn, will make sure we remember. 

With the ”I love you so much“ art festival I present you my heart and that of the artists. We ignite a love experience in real life by celebrating art, inspire people and connecting ceramics, textiles and drawing to build a strong love community. 

Come as you are, love who you want and enjoy the upcoming festival with a group show of 9 artists and a side program.

6 - 22 October 2022   Sterlingerstraat 89 2140 Antwerp

Vernissage Thursday 6 October 6 pm - 11 pm


Wild Summer of Art: sales exhibition with 180 artists

From 1 July to 4 September 2022, Wild Summer of Art will take place: a sales exhibition with 180 selected Rotterdam artists. A show where both young talent and established names can be seen. In corona time, the possibilities for artists to show work were pretty sparse. But that does not mean that the artists have been sitting still. That's why it's time to provide a big stage for this abundance of this Corona art. Now that the 'danger' has passed, this free-to-access sales exhibition is going on for two months. The artists were given carte blanche for the works they could present to the curators. As a result, you also see work that you do not come across in the established museums.


Kaspar Dejong

Kaspar Dejong 23.04 – 04.06 In his exhibition “Reading between...


Rob Bouwman
4 mai - 11 Juni
Sebastian Faith Contemporary

MI ٠ 4 MAI - JUNI ٠ 19 UHR 

Art After Work
FR ٠ 20. MAI ٠ 19 UHR 

SA ٠ 11. JUNI ٠ 19 UHR


“A World of Many Worlds” 



Simo Tse has been selected for the Charlotte Spring Exhibition in Copenahgen, Denmark. He will be showing Living in a Blur (6 screens).


Charlottenborg Spring Exhibition is among the most important open, censored exhibitions in Europe and has been an annual recurring show at Kunsthal Charlottenborg since 1857. An international jury selects works from Danish as well as international artists from all over the world within the genres of visual art, architecture, crafts and design for the comprehensive exhibition. This year you can e.g. explore a range of video works unfold in the stunning space of Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s south wing. The works are chosen by an international jury, which this year consists of the artist duo Hesselholdt & Mejlvang, visual artist David Risley, architect Peter Bertram, textile artist Grethe Wittrock and visual artist Sophie Suaning.


6 feb – 13 mar 2022(Opening: 5 feb 2022 11:00)

More info


AMFAD VLAG fb logo outline en rond-01.png


De tweede AMFAD Tentoonstelling (AMFAD | Hotel Spaander Volendam 2021) wordt gehouden tijdens EuroArt in Hotel Spaander Volendam (AMFAD | Hotel Spaander Volendam) van 26 september t/m 10 oktober 2021 op uitnodiging van de Gemeente Edam/Volendam. Deelnemers uit de eerste AMFAD Editie zijn opnieuw benaderd om (bestaand) werk te tonen tijdens de AMFAD | Hotel Spaander Volendam Tentoonstelling. Het gaat om 11 deelnemers; Anaïs López, Anne Stooker, Bas van Wieringen, Daniel Mullen, Jan Koen Lomans, Neil Fortune, Pascal Smelik, Petra Hart, Raquel van Haver, Roos Soetekouw, Twan Janssen. AMFAD Sponsors: Gemeente Edam-Volendam, Spaander Volendam, EuroArt, Mertens Frames, Art Zuiderzee en Heineken



 "Ruben Raven, in 2019 afgestudeerd aan de Gerrit Rietveld Academie, heeft voor het eerst een olieverfschilderij gemaakt. “Ging best goed, maar penselen schoonmaken met terpentine valt nog niet mee. Alsof je met vergif werkt.” Raven schilderde een beeld na uit een video die hij ook op de beurs laat zien. De camera is door zijn vader gekocht toen Ruben werd geboren.
De oude videobeelden hebben een andere beeldkwaliteit dan moderne smartphones, zag Raven al snel. Hij ontdekte onder andere rode omtreklijnen die onbedoeld in beeld kwamen. Die vinden we ook in het schilderij terug."



Happy to announce that the Josilda da Conceição Gallery will join the third edition of the Ballroom edition in Antwerp! The Ballroom Project will be from 12 till the 16th of May. 

We will presenting works from Ruben Raven, Kaspar Dejong & Bernardus Baldus.


Screenshot 2020-09-25 at 14.31.30.png

Jim Mooijekind, Mark van Overveem,
Leendert Vooijce & Luke McCowan

Our exhibition 'Staring Through' is part of Unseen At The Gallery, a weekend of contemporary photography spread across 26 Amsterdam galleries.
Jim Mooijekind, Mark van Overveem, Leendert Vooijce & Luke McCowan will be presenting work in a group exhibition.


Kaspar Dejong in 'This place / displaced'
‘this place / displaced’
is a summertime group exhibition on estrangement in familiar places.

 The expo brings together works of by Hadrien Bruaux | Fia Cielen | Filip Collin | Céline Cuvelier | Kaspar Dejong | Antoine Lortie | Natasja Mabesoone | Emilie Terlinden | Bas van den Hout | Markus von Platen
Opening Thursday 23 July at 6 PM. Private previews by appointment on 22 and 23 July. Open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 2-6 PM. 



Christian Thomsen is showing during Human Concrete

As an artist you are always reflecting on the world around you. Also when a world of crumbling nature and concrete surrounds us. Making art is often a fight. Me, I approach my canvas like a boxer would an opponent. With respect, focus, some fear but always with the wil to conquer. Our constructed human civilisation seems to be on the verge of destruction. Always. Fear is our construct too. Just like art. Let's have these artists give their take on our place in the world. Their place. Yours.

Jan Steenman, Christian Thomsen, Mattia Papp & Cleantv

Boogieland Boxing Club

Gedempt Hamerkanaal 38, 1021KM Amsterdam

The Party Would Never Stop - Still 1.jpg

Maurice Nuiten at Stedelijk Museum Breda

Maurice Nuiten is showing at Stedelijk Museum Breda. During the exhibition "Raketstart - new visual art from Breda".  The exhibition can been seen until 23 September 2019

More info

Neil Fortune is showing work in the USA 

Neil Fortune is showing work in the USA

Neil Fortune is showcasing his new works at Dedee Shattuck Westport, Massachusetts During the group exhibition "Dutch Colorist". 


The exhibition can be seen from 4 - 29th September 2019.


More info

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