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Current Exhibition


Carbon Chroma

Tom Kraanen & Denitsa Todorova

4 November - 9 December 2023

Josilda da Conceicao proudly presents Carbon Chroma, a duo-exhibition bringing together works of Tom Kraanen (b. 1990) and Denitsa Todorova (b. 1984). Although very distinct in visual language, presented artists share a strong sensibility of rendering the subconscious speculations. Having this grasp on non-linear recountal in pictorial representation, both Kraanen and Todorova, gesturally play with rhythmic slant of abstraction, that at intervals spirals out of conventional harmony. In the exhibition achromatic works of Todorova, with bare marks left by the erasure of graphite powder on paper, dialogues with opulent coloristic reverie of Kraanen, echoing the tension of reflecting, the paralleled push and pull between the light and the shadow, conscious and subconscious, immediate and mnemonic, vernacular and cosmic.


16 December 2023 - 20 January 2024

matter is matter that doesn’t matter

Meng-Hsuan Chin, Lisette de Greeuw, Jo Wu

Line 6_edited.jpg

10 February  - 16 March 2024

Martin La Roche

Emine Gündüz

4 May  - 1 June 2024

Geraldo Dos Santos

Emre Özakat

“matter is matter that doesn’t matter” features the work of artists Meng-Hsuan Chin, Lisette de Greeuw, and Jo Wu. With a highly sensitive awareness of the meaning language is able to unfold in daily life, each artist adopts their unique thread to weave meaning into the matter, a material developed from but not limited to linguistic contexts.Chin researches the correlation between narratives and bodily movement. Her process of painting is a mixture of meaning digested within the concern for movement, out of which derives narrative and emotion. For de Greeuw, the conceptual transformation of language takes place in a self-dictated representational system based on embroidery patterns. Working in an organic and concentrated manner, she reveals the tension and harmony lying underneath the surface of truth and meaning by creating repetition and accepting accidents. Wu continues to write poetry alongside her painting practice in search of an understanding of rhythm. She then applies her rhythmical reasoning to genres such as literary works, contemporary art writings, and religious texts to define concepts like nature, time, and death.To the three artists, reality is revealed and taken note of when they find meaning and matter reside close to each other. In other words, things are perhaps only “meaningful” and “matterful” when both literal thoughts and material matters are fully present at the same time together.

23 March - 27 April 2024

Silvia B

Quintus Glerum

8 June  -  29 June 2024

Patricia Werneck Ribas

Baoyang Zhao


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