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Emre Özakat Toys, 2024, Oil on Linen, 190 x 90 cm_2.jpg


30 May - 29 June 2024

 Geraldo Dos Santos

 Emre Özakat

Josilda da Conceição gallery is delighted to present a duo-solo exhibition 'Lacunae,' showcasing the installations and paintings by artists Geraldo Dos Santos and Emre Özakat. Departing from the concept of hauntology, the exhibition brings together the works of both artists to explore transformative dimensions within parafiction beliefs.  Geraldo Dos Santos delves into various realms within superstition and the profound depths of unconscious connections, lingering in the manifestation of South American belief systems, where culture plays a significant role and traditions are deeply ingrained. The depths of lacunae in his storytelling depict mystery, showcasing anatomical structures that connect Esterism, Asterisme, Santeria, Espiritismo, and Candomblé.  Emre Özakat investigates the hauntological nature of the circulation of digital images. Images which degrade through redistribution and digital compression as they circulate, lose any ownership and become an anonymous property of the masses. These images have an ephemeral nature, whether familiar images or images from the uncanny corners of the internet. The temporality is momentarily suspended through painting, fixed in its state of compression and contortion.  Amsterdam Art week 2024 - info about artist talk at Josilda da Conceição Gallery:  Josilda da Conceição Gallery is pleased to present the exhibition ‘Lacunae’ opening on Friday, May 31 at 17:00. During this event, the artists Geraldo Dos Santos and Emre Özakat will host an artist talk. During the talk, they will briefly reveal their mutual interest in hauntology, and the role that their backgrounds and different investigations lead to their contrasting interpretation of hauntological themes. Geraldo Dos Santos will unveil his more esoteric and mystical approach, taking inspiration from traditional South American belief systems, whilst Emre Özakat will share his interest in digital ghosts, nostalgia and lost futures, paralleling their mystical and rationalist angles. The artist talk will be concluded with a Q&A session.


6 July - 3  August 2024

Extensive group exhibition

More details coming soon

7 September - 5 October 2024

Ruben Raven 

Nathan Joshua Bastien

Vicente Baeza Zúñiga

19 October - 23 November


Vincent Verhoef


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