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Célio Braga

1963—Amsterdam, São Paulo

Célio Braga is a multidisciplinary artist who’s path has been marked by the ability to redefine and to expand fluidly conventional categories such as photography, painting, drawing, textiles and sculpture among others. These medias are pushed to the limit and beyond, through successive trials of construction/destruction/reconstruction, and by the employment of unusual materials and craft techniques. 

His work has often made reference to a wide spectrum of visual languages and a variety of techniques and traditions. From applied arts to paintings, aspects of textile design, craft and functionalism, the complex nature of his work embodies the sense of impermanence, doubt and transformation that he considers implicit to the act of creating, both in its formal content and its potential for generating meaning. 

Conceptually he deals with the topics of the fragility of the body, the feeling of bodily presence and absence, the irrevocable passage of time, violence, religion and sexuality.

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