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Peng Zhang

As a farmer artist, I always bend over my body like a farmer to work. Farmers in my village bend over to cultivate in their fields all day long as well, with their faces toward the land and the back to the sky, which is still common these days. However, I find that agriculture in the Netherlands is becoming increasingly technologically advanced. The bent willows with bricks surrounded symbolize the phenomenon that advanced technology has facilitated farmers to cultivate in the farmlands. For the gallery show, he will present an installation which is part of end show at the Rijksacademie.


Patricia Werneck Ribas

Notes is a series of personal statements, philosophical questions and clichés associated with my migrational background, personality, position in the world and beliefs.


The texts are made up of words written individually in the dark with a torch (light painting) and then assembled in a computer program. For Art Amsterdam week, the artist will be projecting "hope" in the gallery space and, her newest film, The Possessed, will be shown at the Eye Film Museum as part of the New Harvest screening.

Dave de Leeuw

He studied at the academy of fine arts in Maastricht and graduated in 2008. De Leeuw’s oeuvre contains paintings, drawings, sculptures, murals, videos, and installations. During the Amsterdam Art week de Leeuw will present a new mural painting and other new works.


Juliette De Graaf

My art is the result of the study for memory. Memories fade and personal memories coincide with collective memories. The story anchored within us is constantly changing and so is the collective story. Stories are retold and twisted and become and exist non-linear. My work shows the transformative and temporal story. A painting, a canvas, a drawing, these are temporary documents that try to be immortalized. All works are part of a story, on the one hand a personal canon on the other, this personal canon is also linked to an art historical canon.

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