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20 June - 18 July 2020

Airco Caravan, Natasja Alers,

Fabian Landewee, Tom Kraanen

While diverse in background and medium, all four artists work with emotion as a theme; ranging from more literal explorations, to the more abstract.


Natasja Alers

A visual artist based in Amsterdam. She studied ceramics at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam and fine arts at the Weissensee Kunst Hochschule in Berlin, Germany. Her practice focuses on the human body, which leads to imaginative figures, revealing an inner world of past and present emotions. Tension, vulnerability, and paradoxical feelings are central themes in her work. Alers works with a wide variety of plaster casts, taken from the human body. These fragments of body parts are combined to a new sculptured object and meaning.


Airco Caravan

A conceptual artist and painter working with themes like freedom, life and peace. Themes that, in our society, are often hidden, and covered with hate, oppression and death; opposites, two sides of the same coin. Caravan investigates the boundaries between these opposites, inviting the viewer to see behind the image. Caravan, activist and feminist, is known for Monument for Martin Luther King, a network exhibition of 50 statues in public spaces worldwide, the Selma Remembrance Walk Amsterdam, and Nasty Women Amsterdam, a fundraiser exhibition for women’s rights. The first edition in 2017 was hosted by Josilda da Conceição Gallery.


As a painter Airco created many canvases picturing unusual murder weapons, like a stiletto heel, a coffee machine, a chocolate sprinkles sandwich. Questioning murder, the ultimate taking away of someone's freedom. And then a new killer appeared: covid-19. The whole world came to hold and corona creeped into everyone’s life. A complete new body of work emerged out of this situation, imaging hygiene, the Wash.Your.Hands. mantra, and the greed for ruling over the people by governments. In the exhibition new ‘war rugs’, oil paintings, and mini collages will be on display. Colorful, ironic, hopeful.

Tom Kraanen

An autodidactic visual artist focussing primarily on painting. Having started off painting (sur)realistic portraits he now explores the visual language of abstract art and the way color and composition convey meaning.


Fabian Landewee

A photographer visual artist based in Amsterdam. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Maastricht and received a master of arts degree in Media Design (Lens-based media) at the Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam. His practice focuses on the image as object and photographic production. Expanding this to his fields of interest, the (im) possible representation of LGBTQ+ people is one of his main subjects; with recurring themes like vulnerability and desire.

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