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Carbon Chroma

4 November - 9 December 2023

Tom Kraanen & Denitsa Todorova

Josilda da Conceicao proudly presents Carbon Chroma, a duo-exhibition bringing together works of Tom Kraanen (b. 1990) and Denitsa Todorova (b. 1984). Although very distinct in visual language, presented artists share a strong sensibility of rendering the subconscious speculations. Having this grasp on non-linear recountal in pictorial representation, both Kraanen and Todorova, gesturally play with rhythmic slant of abstraction, that at intervals spirals out of conventional harmony. In the exhibition achromatic works of Todorova, with bare marks left by the erasure of graphite powder on paper, dialogues with opulent coloristic reverie of Kraanen, echoing the tension of reflecting, the paralleled push and pull between the light and the shadow, conscious and subconscious, immediate and mnemonic, vernacular and cosmic.

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