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We are pleased to invite you to our exhibition ‘Forming’, the first exhibition of the new year, opening on Saturday 26 January. Four artists will show their work, divided over three spaces in our gallery. 
Airco Caravan
The paintings of this artist are often inspired by existing images and stories from the internet, political issues, women's rights and human rights. For this exhibition he selected five works, each representing a kind of poisonous ingredient. The ingredient is linked to a certain toxic situation, that has occurred in our society. 
Jean-Philippe Paumier
Paumier’s work develops an object-based consideration on the singularity of consumer products into the field of contemporary art. His body of work mainly consists of sculptures and installations. Light, as a substance and powerful symbol, also plays an important role in his work. His work refers to Marcel Duchamp’s concept of the ready-made, but diverges from it at the same time by his means of expression and the way he combines elements.
Inge Schoutsen
In every photo portrait she tries to embody an atmosphere of tender tranquillity. Every photo is an ode to the casual and the transient of human gestures. For Schoutsen, portrait photography is about encoding the tiniest of gestures and poses. The little moments of expression that you can freeze in a photo. By putting emphasis on subtle detail, the portraits acquire universal meaning.
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