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Geraldo Dos Santos

1993—Amsterdam, Netherlands

Geraldo Dos Santos (NL / BR – 1993) is an artist who works with various media, such as paintings, ceramics, drawings, and installations. He uses art to challenge preconceptions and assumptions, aiming to understand the complexity of beliefs. By organizing relatable memories and memory-heritage, the artist seeks to comprehend the collective consciousness and the role of tradition. He is particularly interested in exploring the triggers of melancholic emotions, as well as the physical and mental spaces connected to specific events and sentiments.

Dos Santos' research centers around the intimate past and employs a narrative approach to storytelling. He incorporates elements from his own experiences and cultural practices reveal their metaphorical significance, creating works that resonate with viewers, prompting them to reflect on their own past and experiences. His multicultural background strongly influences his art, highlighting the interplay between identity sense of intimacy. The focus on unusual relationships in his work suggests a deep exploration of the complexities of human interactions. The use of the term "emulsion" in describing his work implies the combination of different elements to create a cohesive whole, reflecting the complexity of memories and experiences.

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