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11 May - 8 June 2019  

Maxime Favre & Annie Åkerman

We proudly present our new group exhibition ‘Influence’, opening 11 May at Josilda da Conceicao gallery. The exhibition will be showing work of six artists and will be on view until 8 June.

Chantal Elisabeth Ariëns

In her photographs, Ariëns (Amsterdam, 1971) combines the pictures she makes with traditional etching and printing. The devotion this craftsmanship requires leads to a velvety appearance. Motion and stillness, capturing the transient, letting go of movement – apparent contradictions which go hand in hand so evidently to her, capturing the invisible turmoil of the soul.


Mark Klappe

The works of Klappe (Amsterdam, 1988) are an analog reflection of our digital times and a longing for something different beyond the surface of the image. Carefully built by adding layers, his method consists of a continuing process of going back and forth between free association through automatic writing and a graphical approach of restructuring. He takes inspiration from architecture, maps, music and his own travels through nature and cities.


Rob Smulders

For Smulders (Boxtel, 1981), the process of painting resembles a scientific experiment, repeatedly testing the regular and irregular qualities of paint. ‘In producing a work I react on the moves on the canvas with gravity doing a big part of the job. Rhythms and repetitions are essential’. In his work he deals with a complexity in which a continuity manifests itself. For years Smulders has been studying codes. These codes are transformed in a repertoire of paintings.


Maxime Favre

The paintings of Maxime Favre (Geneva, 1991) draw their motives from processes of decay and subsequent rebirth. Through bodily, internal scenarios nature is reinterpreted as if digested, or observed from a corporeal point of view. Volatile elements coagulate into landscapes, inhabited by ambiguous beings who borrow features from botany, anatomy and geology.


Annie Åkerman

The central question in the work of Annie Åkerman (Stockholm, 1991) is the invention of nature as a concept. Her sculpture and text-driven practice often investigates the construction of narrations around natural materials like coal, stone, algae, petroleum, plants and so forth, in intersection with the body and notions of technology. Her production also includes performance and video, as a reality-based fiction that is both freeform and poignant. 

Thomas Viers

Rietveld academy student Viers (Paris, 1995) will present a light installation in the former studio of our gallery.

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