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It Might Change 

9 March - 6 April 2019 

Roos van Dijk, Sophie Schmidt 

We are pleased to invite you to our exhibition ‘It Might Change’, the second exhibition of the new year, opening on Saturday 9 March. Each of the artists will be presenting their work in a separate space. 


Roos van Dijk (NL)

In Roos Van Dijk’s recent work, the formal and tangible qualities of the material take on a prominent role. Characterised by a particular architectonic quality, her abstract painted compositions are the result of an intuitive and playful interaction between the artist's intention and the agency of the material. 


Sophie Schmidt (DE/NL)

Sophie Schmidt's artistic practice centres on the body, integrating performance, language, sculpture and painting. Her installations, prosthetics and performances explore the possibilities and limitations of the human and non-human body. At times these works appear as extensions of the body; vehicles which propel transformation.

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