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Joeri Woudstra 
1993—The Netherlands

Joeri Woudstra is a multidisciplinary visual artist and composerbased in Den Haag, Netherlands. In his work, Woudstra researches the way technological hyper acceleration and late capitalist information culture affect our perception of time and our collective feeling of generational melancholy.
The ruin and relic-like collage work hecreates resonate the echoes of contemporary western culture production in a future retrospect.
Woudstra’s work looks at archiving moments of popular techno-culture by remembering them as if they happened in the past.
By removing objects from their original context, a specific type of decon-textualization occurs, which often takes form as works of collage.
Doing so, his work simulates a distance between the viewer and the subject. The passive elements become active elements, allowing the viewer to recognize value in an object they never bothered observing. Graduated from the Royal Academy of Arts in 2016, Woudstra’s audio and visual endeavors have been presented at stages and spaces worldwide. Recent exhibitions, screenings and performances include Enchant embrace them you odd peninsula, ‘t Kunstfort, Vijfhuizen (2022), Heden, Den Haag (2020), Through The Gate Darkly, Expoplu, Nijmegen (2020), Mock Jungle, DAS Bologna, Italy(2020), Torus Scores Stalker, EYE Film Museum, Amsterdam (2019), You Are Not Alone, Berlin Artweek, Berlin (2019), Medieval Minded, Stigter van Doesburg, Amsterdam (2019), Gothics In Nigeria, Corrosia, Almere (2019), Old Stock, Centraal Museum, Utrecht (2019), Brave New Worlds, Somerset House, London (2019), Unfair, Amsterdam (2018), Millenial Gravestone Quotes, Kunstfort Vijfhuizen (2017) TMZ400, Documenta 14, Kassel (2017) amongst others.

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