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Light on the Surface

19 March -  23 April 2022 

Denitsa Todorova, Petra Hart

The exhibition ‘Light on the surface’ is a duo exhibition of the artists Denitsa Todorova and Petra Hart. 


Working almost exclusively with graphite on paper, Denitsa Todorova creates an abstract world of soft strokes in shades of black and grey. With a unique approach to her medium, she offers the viewer a veil, a passage to myriad possible meanings and dialogues, bound to triggers ones imagination. Specks of light are coming through the graphite curtain. What you see behind it, is open for interpretation. It could be related to your deepest desires.


The work of Petra Hart shows the aesthetic qualities and wondrous mathematically of nature and removes all boundaries of size, scale and materiality from her subject by transferring it to the digital realm. With a great eye for detail she creates a vector-based drawing of the chosen subject. This digital grid then forms the base for a visual play of lines representing a digital re-interpretation of a natural phenomenon set in metal (art) or silk (fashion) in combination with a sampling of colors that make up the appearance of the original.

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