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RAUM 24/3

11 June -  9 July 2022

Moritz Lindur, Kaspar Dejong

Kaspar Dejong (Maastricht, NL, 1995) and Moritz Lindur (Köln, DE, 1993) both show in their practice a soft spot for the imperfect. Most of Dejong's work sources from his close living environment: the city. Montz's work is a frenetic and hyperactive exploration of the many facets of humankind, language and both societal and global issues. In his book 'Madness and Civilization, Foucault speaks about the institutionalization of mentally disabled people, who were in the renaissance to be seen as a different form of intellect rather than crazy or mad'. They were seen as free spirits, not bounded by rules nor regulations. They ought to pose a kind of wisdom, because they demonstrate the limits of reason. Lindur and Dejong tend to seek that which displays the madness in modern life, situations that somehow demonstrate our own limits of reason. The moment when the planned, gets disrupted; when the beauty of incompetence shows itself". In the exhibition 24/3 Lindur and Dejong show a selection of works including a book-publication that emphasis the daily imperfections that surround us.

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