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Untitled 1

5 November - 26 November 2022


Célio Braga, Yang-Ha

About Yang-Ha

About Célio Braga

Work featured in the exhibition

Josilda da Conceição is pleased to present UNTITLED 1, an exhibition by Yang-Ha and Célio Braga.  

The bombing of the North and South Korean joint liaison offices in 2020 marked the beginning of a new series of works for Yang-Ha. She has a specific focus on the moment of the explosion itself. The moment something explodes, the image comes to us beautifully. It swells up like a mushroom and looks like a cloud. Regardless of the actual explosive power or the subsequent consequences, the appearance itself is attractive for Yang-Ha. In contrast to the the actual event, the painted explosions are relatively flat. With flat brush strokes and distorted contours the artist attempts to neutralise the real explosion. 

In his recent works, Célio Braga, presents elements and formal associations dealing with the openings of the body, the so-called contact zones, to natural growth, to scars, wounds, vulvas, phallus, eyes, tears, blood, mouths, thorns, and teeth. Those elements and visual forms proliferate in rich compositions dealing with themes of sexuality, homoeroticism, religion, gender, violence, birth and death. Célio Braga's new works are ambiguous in their refusal to be categorised, they are open to a myriad of interpretations and create a constant friction between bodily presence and absence.

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