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On 1 December, Josilda Da Conceicao Gallery will proudy present ‘Wondering While Wandering’, a group exhibition by Juuls Kiryanova, Daan Muller and Maurice Nuiten. In the three different spaces of our gallery, each will have their own separate show. You can wander around while wondering about their intriguing works of art.

Ever since she can remember, the only thing Juuls Kiryanova (RU) wanted to do was draw and paint. After attending several art schools, among which are the Royal Acadamy of Art in The Hague and Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, she continues doing so until this day. For this occasion, she will show her latest paintings, which are characterized by a vibrant pink glow. Abandoned figures seem to float in an abstract dream world, where time has stopped everything, but them. Making you want to dive into this lucid void, the pieces really become realities of their own.

Last year, Daan Muller (NL) graduated at the St. Joost Master of Photography with his engaging installation called ‘Staged Scenes’. Part of this installation will now be on view at our gallery, in a different context. Always reflecting on the high performance culture we live in, the objects-of questionable-use and characters-of-indeterminate-agency interact; striking an empathetic note one moment, and evoking a sinister atmosphere the next. Muller uses ceramics, steel and wood paneling with a lurid colour pallet and fragile glazes, to make these contradictions tangible.

In the second room of the gallery, you find the film "We Choose To Go To The Moon" by Maurice Nuiten (NL). It is the first part of his long-term research on 'being happy'. What is the definition of being happy and what are the conditions of being happy? Ever since time, mankind has been looking for happiness and the meaning of life. If answers to those questions are omitted in an unreasonable way, the absurdism in which we now live arises. Yet we continue to look for goals in life, like ‘being happy'. Nuiten captures his search in which he plays with the reality of life, the (pseudo) science to find an answer to this big question.

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