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Clairs Palette

2 June -  1 July 2023

Part of Amsterdam Art Week 2023

Ruben Raven, Joeri Woudstra

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Amsterdam Art Week

About Joeri Woudstra

About Ruben Raven

In Clairs Palette, Joeri Woudstra and Ruben Raven explore the dynamics between technological development and the traditional practice of art creation.
They innovatively use artificial intelligence (Al) as a tool to develop and activate their artistic process, allowing it to act as an active companion that fleshes out in the creative process.

Both artists work in a multidisciplinary manner and apply various media in their presentations within this installation. Raven combines his painting skills with Woudstra's digital compositions. Lasered metal comes with painted canvas. The space is filled with a printed vinyl floor designed using the digital tools mentioned above. Visitors find themselves physically in the tension between the digital and physical realms that the two artists explore in their collaboration.

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