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Fragments Chipped Away

3 September - 1 October 2022

Bart Stolle, Quintus Glerum

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Josilda da Conceição Gallery is pleased to present Fragments Chipped Away, a duo exhibition by Quintus Glerum and Bart Stolle featuring the paintings of Stolle and installation by Glerum. The exhibition can be previewed on 2 September as part of the Amsterdam Art Week event and is on view from 3 September to 24 September, 2022. Glerum adopts the perspective of an animated character in dealing when acting on and dealing with the relationship between human and machines. Stolle’s paintings and drawings consist of carefully selected and often geometrical units which result from the analysis between the logic of the computer and the human mind. Both artists explore the shape and limitation of intelligence and share their keen interest in understanding the the mind of human.

Quintus Glerum
Comparison is the strategy at the basis of Quintus Glerum’s practice, which focuses on the relationship between men and machines. While the very tools created to extend our limitations are shaped with a specific purpose in mind, We as humans are free to shape our own direction. Quintus uses the gaze of machines to reflect on his own actions to both get a better understanding of himself and what defines us as humans in the first place. Glerum’s connection to digital media comes from his background in animation at St.Joost (graduated with honors in 2018). He later turned to more physical media through his master’s in fine arts at Frank Mohr Institute (graduated with honors in 2021). His work now moves between the realms of virtuality and physicality, and thrives on all the processes which transform data into information. While his themes embody the systematic nature of technology, the human element always performs a central role.


Bart Stolle

Bart Stolle is working on a complex body of work that mainly consists of paintings, drawings and animated films. In an age when everyone is being overwhelmed by sensory, and more specifically digital stimuli, Stolle opts for lentor. Low Fixed Media Show is the name of his body of work and it functions as an advertising agency for himself or as an alternative entertainment company. His paintings and drawings consist of carefully selected and often geometrical units. He analyses similarities between the logic of the computer and the human mind, but he is convinced of the superiority of the human intelligence. His films have been made frame per frame. Simple basic shapes and lines are moving over the screen and undergo typical basic transformations. Many of his works formally refer to twentieth century modernism as well as computer language.

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